I am a graphic design consultant with over 15 years experience specializing in providing strategic solutions for successful brand and digital marketing design for a variety of companies in multiple industries. Through my experience, I have developed strategies to utilize brand and digital marketing design as a powerful tool to achieve real business goals and look forward to sharing those strategies with my clients.

Some companies I’ve worked with

Architecture & Construction

  • The Ullman Group

Arts & Entertainment

  • Les Delices
  • Suburban Symphony Orchestra
  • Aces Of Acts
  • Malone Edwards, Author
  • Sara Hurand, Artist

Auto Sales

  • Millerspec Motorsport
  • Friendly Ford Las Vegas


  • Exactus Advisors


  • University School


  • JM Hair Gallery
  • Black Boutique


  • Congressional Office Of Compliance

Interior Design & Furnishings

  • Contract Source Inc.


  • Clear Counsel Law Group


  • Lubrizol
  • Melin Tool Co.

Marketing & Communications

  • Halo Branded Solutions
  • Proforma ASAP
  • Business Communication Solutions
  • Banyan & Finch Creative Communications


  • Proper Smart Healthcare

Public Relations

  • Engel-Hackman PR
  • Brennan Media Group


  • Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • Parents Guide Of Las Vegas


  • Ears To You
  • Grace Quantock, Author & Speaker
  • Healing Boxes
  • The Ohio Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics

Real Estate Management

  • CLE Turnkey
  • Nexis Wellness
  • Millennia Companies


  • Larder Delicatessen


  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Aspiring Athletes
  • Impact Team Sports

Technology & Software

  • Simple Ledger, Inc.
  • Pervasive Path
  • Mobile Monday Cleveland
  • MAHA Global

Training & Development

  • Legacy Business Cultures
  • HR Star

“Jason’s design work is what made our products truly stand out. I cannot recommend Jason highly enough.”

“Jason is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. Not only does he have a superb sense of design, but he also understands the marketing and branding impact behind exceptional design.”

“Jason’s ability to challenge himself and push the boundaries is why I have recommended his services to other colleagues and clients in the past and will continue to do so.”

“Jason has been a critical part of my team during the creation and launch of my business. He’s provided immense value in the creation of the company logo, design standards, templates, and website. I’ve recommended him to several peers and colleagues who’ve provided excellent feedback as well!”

“I worked with Jason for several months as we developed a new website for my nonprofit. Jason was very patient with my questions and very knowledgeable about website development and what would work best for us. He was open to my input and ideas and had a great overall picture of the message and feeling that we wanted to convey.”

“Jason created a new logo for us which better reflects our mission, and has gotten many compliments on the design! He took our old, outdated brochure and business cards and made them look more professional, easier to understand, and more in line with what we do.”

“Jason really brought our organization to the next level and we couldn’t be happier with his work, level of detail, and commitment to getting the job done in a way that we all were happy with! I highly recommend Jason!”

“I have worked with Jason on a variety of design projects from print to web to video to email and each and every time, he has exceeded my expectations. His professionalism and creative ability is like no other that I have encountered in this industry.”

“Jason is an all-star developer.  He’s a class act, great at simplifying the technical aspects of web design, and takes ownership of the process to be respectful of a busy entrepreneur’s time.  His design offers both functional & aesthetic value – I’ve had a huge boost in traffic to my site and countless compliments on the design.  I highly recommend his work, and have referred him to several other business owners.”