Tips for creating a more effective website for a charity organization

February 5th, 2019|

A charitable organization has the potential to benefit greatly from enhancing their online presence. When looking at the main goals of a charity website, they can generally be boiled down to 1. encouraging visitors to get involved and 2. encouraging visitors to donate. However, if someone is unfamiliar with your organization, it is important that you give them the necessary information and motivation to want to become involved with or donate to your cause. The following suggestions can help improve the opportunity that your website provides to promote your cause and reach your goals.

3 digital marketing strategies that worked to land me as a customer

December 22nd, 2018|

I tend to avoid making any unnecessary purchases and am very selective about the ones I do make. So, the products that I do end up purchasing must have done something right in order to get me to buy from them. Since I can be tough to sell to, I find it interesting to delve into just exactly what marketing strategies the companies that I do purchase from use that is so effective?

You may be overlooking your company’s best salesperson

June 6th, 2018|

Question: Who is the best salesperson at your company? Hint: They are always exactly where your customers are. They present a perfectly crafted message every time that is perfectly in line with the way your customers think and feel. They are available to answer your customer’s questions 24/7. They can tell great stories that are engaging and informative.