Project Description

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Design Process

My goal, as with every logo design, is to work with you to create a unique and effective representation of your brand. In order to achieve this, I have developed a process that consistently yields successful results.

Research begins by assessing the nature and identity of the business and its culture in order to develop a thorough design brief with which to base the proposed concept designs on.

Applying the information gathered in the research stage, I will concept a variety of different design approaches for initial evaluation, review, and discussion. From those design concepts, I will present a selection of designs which I feel have the potential to be the most successful. Your logos will also be presented to you in mockup form (ex: on a business card, signage, etc). This will give you a better sense of what the logo will look like in real life application, or as part of a cohesive brand.

Civilize Software

Civilize Software creates software used by businesses and practitioners within the civil engineering, architecture, and construction (EAC) industry. Their software aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the design project delivery process and construction document publishing, and eventually the construction management process. The main concept for the company to be illustrated in the design was “Bridging the gap between EAC teams and their designs.”

Civilize Software logo
Ears To You logo

Ears To You

Ears To You is a non-profit organization that donates earrings, bracelets and hats to cancer patients to lift their spirits by creating a moment of joy and hope. Redesigns included new logo, website, tri-fold brochure and business cards.

Suburban Symphony Orchestra

The Suburban Symphony, one of Cleveland’s premiere community orchestras needed a new logo design for use on their print and online marketing materials. They wanted a graphic/type logo combination that would work well in multiple sizes, large and small including apparel. The logo needed to be simple, elegant and represent classical music. The curved shapes used in the logo design represented not only the “S” in the company title, but also the shapes found often in classical instruments. The elegant shape of the symbol works well as a design element for their print marketing collateral and stationary.

Suburban Symphony Orchestra logo
Gross Residential logo

Gross Residential

Gross Residential is a developer, builder, and manager of residential housing and apartment communities that have been in business for over 100 years. They were looking for a logo redesign that visually represented the company name as well as key aspects of the business. It needed to work well in all sizes and formats as part of a complete branding package. A similar component of all of the designs I proposed was the letter G combined with a rooftop to symbolize home. The symbol, as well as the font style is strong and balanced, traditional yet slightly contemporary.

Simple Ledger, Inc.

Simple Ledger is a team of software developers and consultants who focus on building decentralized applications to manage secure, immutable data utilizing the power of the Bitcoin blockchain. The logomark is built from combined triangular shapes that form the shape of the S. The triangle motif is extensible, in that it can be used to build any form with unlimited possibilities – much like the wide variety of use cases developed from SLP. The triangle design can also be used to create custom icons and other graphics for a consistent brand design. The placement of the S icon to the right of the company title represents looking to the future.